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Looking for no-win, no-fee or legal aid employment law advice in Glasgow? We offer both. Should you have specific questions about our fees, we are willing to discuss these, and can be flexible in our approach to fees if necessary.

Legal Aid & No Win No Fee Employment Law

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We are one the few firms committed to providing employment law advice and employment tribunal representation under Legal Aid. If you have an employment law problem and think you might qualify for legal aid then call now.

Private Client

Clients who wish to privately fund their representation typically pay £100 for an initial interview. After this diagnostic process is concluded there are a range of options available to clients:

Private Client Rates

Legal fees are based on an hourly rate. Currently this is £180

‘No Win No Fee’

We can represent you on a No Win No Fee basis in some circumstances. Normally we will be looking for more than a 60% chance of success and an opportunity to achieve a reasonable settlement or award in your favour.

Our No Win No Fee agreements do include some payments which we always make you aware of. We typically charge clients £100 per day for each day of an employment tribunal hearing to cover our administrative costs.

We can provide a sample of a No Win No Fee Agreement on request


Clients often have home insurance that comes with some kind of legal protection cover for meeting solicitors’ fees in these circumstances. We have experience of dealing with all the major insurers. Check to see if your home insurance covers legal fees or contact us for more advice.

Small Business

We are experienced in representing small businesses in defending their employment tribunal claim. We offer a package for representing small businesses and our fees are tiered so that the amount payable depends on how far the claim actually progresses.

Legal Aid Employment Lawyers Glasgow, Scotland 

For more information on our fee structure or to discuss your employment law issue in more detail, call us on 0141 576 4808 or email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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